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Why Tribal Sun Tattoos So Popular?

The sun was worshiped as the principal goddess by the ancient people across various religions and cultures. Today, it is still a sacred figure to many, and some people marked a solar emblem to show their great reverence to the deity. Others wear the sun tattoos solely for embellishment. However, the symbol has other significance. The meaning and the design pattern are unique for different cultures. The most common connotations associated with the symbol are light, protection, vitality, fertility, power, and immortality.

Since the olden time, the solar has been seen as a symbol for life. If you’re contemplating and looking for sun tattoo designs, you can pick a traditional or a modern work of art. Both versions can be made very creative with colorful patterns, or they can be designed in a simple and monochromatic way.

Depending on your preference, you can pick an artwork blended with the tribal or Celtic elements. Tattoo in black ink will look superb in a tribal design. You can also combine the solar emblem with a moon, or carved the name of your loved one at the core. The combination of moon and sun depicts the yin and yang relationship of the man and woman.

The tribal sun tattoos usually have a human face at the middle of the artwork. It is believed that the emblem has the power to protect its bearer from any harmful situation. Some of the popular tribal designs are the Maori and Hawaiian patterns with intricate curves and lines that form into the shape of a sun.

You could ink the solar symbols on any part of the body, but the popular spots are the back of neck, upper back, arms, ankles, stomach, chest and shoulders. While the sun is characterized as masculine, the women can chose to blend the symbol with a moon, or a star to bring out the feminine features. Check out a pro gallery.