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Realizing Your Tattoo Dream This Year!

If you have been spending a bit of your time considering getting a tattoo but have not really taken any action, perhaps you may want to turn your dream into a reality this year. Set a target for yourself to attain and get inspired by your dream design for many years to come!

To start the ball rolling, here are a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself first. Take as long as it takes to find the answers.

1)    Where do you want to locate the tattoo? Do you want the ink to be exposed at all time, or do you want it to be hidden when you choose not to show it? Or, do you just want to show it to the person you love? So, you probably need to decide where to place your perfect design first.

2)    Next, how big an artwork do you want? You can consider a small to medium size design. You can also scale it up to match the area you pick to ink. The tattoo can be very creative and stretched to suit the particular body spot following the contour of the body.

3)    What type of design do you have in mind? Do you want a color or monochrome– simple or intricate design? Also, do you want to use the tattoo to represent something, or is it just for beauty reason?

Although it is quite obvious not to get something that you will feel regret afterward, many people still fall in to the same trap of having their tattoos to be removed later. I always advice my visitors to see plenty of high-quality tattoo in different design categories and research the meanings behind the symbols.

Try to avoid any controversial images and things that you are not sure such as inking the name of the boyfriend or girlfriend as the relationship may not last forever. Some image can be embedded with the attributes of a gang to mark its affiliation. A Chinese character tattoo with a reversed (mirror image) stroke can be embarrassing when exposing it to your Chinese friends. These can make your life miserable.

Pick something meaningful and pretty that you fancy the most. Bring the astonishing artwork to the studio and discuss the design with the artist. He or she will be able to provide ideas for how to clone or tailor it on to your body.

Old School Sailor Jerry Tattoos

If you are a tattoo lover, you probably have heard the name Sailor Jerry more than a hundred times. But, if you are new to the world of inking, his real name is Norman Keith Collins who lived in America from 1911 to 1973. He is a very talented and well-known artist back in the 50s and 60s offering his own unique traditional style of designs.

His classic works of arts are commonly referred to as the old school tattoos featuring solid green, red, blue, brown, purple and yellow designs with a bold outline that is created in black or blue. The inks are often done without, or with very little shading.

During his young age, Sailor Jerry lived a life drifting from town to town across the America. He was once working for an Alaskan man where he learnt hand-pricking tattooing method. At the age of 19, Collins joined the Navy of the United States where he has many chances to travel and expose to various arts and cultures of the Far East.

With the inking skills that he learnt from the locals, he later settled down and opened a tattoo shop in Hawaii Island at Honolulu. Although the old school designs have been around since the 20s at the Pacific Islands, it was Jerry who has made the traditional style coming to life and being admired by many people all over the world. It is never too much to label him as the father of the inking industry as he was the first person who emphasized the importance of sanitation and utilized new needles for every customer.

His popular works are often associated with the oceans though not all. The famous old school inks are the mermaids, ships, hearts, anchors, stars, cherries, daggers, pin-up, and various types of birds. Since the sailors especially the Navy loves to wear inks, patriotic and navy symbols were also some of the most wanted designs at that time. To underscore the love and significance of somebody, you can include a person’s name inside a banner to be combined with the tattoo.

Popular Tattoo Designs for Men

Depending on which part of the world you are in, nowadays at least 25 to 50 percent of the people have one tattoo on their body. The tattoo is often placed on a visible spot of the body so that it can be shown to everyone. In addition to the meaning it carries, tattoo has become a way for an individual to express his or her style and creativity. We will now take a look at some of the popular tattoo designs for men.

1.    For the guys who appreciate more for the aesthetic values and representations of an old school style of design, the blue and black, bold outlines that filled with solid red and green can please them in unlimited ways. The symbols are often done with no shading too.

Some of the popular old school tattoos are anchor, swallow, cherry, pin-up, mermaid, fish, eagle, dagger, nautical star, etc. These tattoos are somehow connected to the seas because the sailors are the early group who sported these symbols.

2.    Tribal arts are one of the most sought designs for men. The Polynesian works of arts that come from the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, New Zealand, and Samoa are among the most popular traditional patterns featuring the unique lines and curves in black. The modern tribal tattoos have evolved into a more intricate and colorful design that suit the taste of the people of the present day. In fact, tribal arts have become more demanding than ever before.

3.    Dragon is another masculine design. Not only because of its symbolism for being a power symbol that represents strength, forces of the nature, wisdom, longevity and supernatural power, but the dragon is also quite a beautiful creature. Among the different types of dragons you can consider are the ancient Chinese dragon and the mythical fire-breathing dragon. The tattoo looks remarkable to be placed at the chest extending it to the top of the shoulder. It also looks great to be sported on the upper arm.

4.    Celtic arts can be a very good option to consider if you are a descendent of Celtics. Nevertheless, not everyone who wears a Celtic symbol has connection with Celtic heritage. The unique, endless knot works offers a wide range of selections, and a person can just pick a design that has a general representation.

While these are some of the most preferred options for men, there are almost unlimited choices out there. The innovation and creativity of the body art has no boundary indeed. Try to define your needs – both the design and meaning before you start your research. You determine what you want, and you go out to get what you desire!

Proven Tattoo Removal Options

I continuously receive messages from my visitors asking for opinion regarding the best options for removing a tattoo. Sometimes for some reason a person may want to completely get rid of his or her design due to a change in the situation in life, or a wrong decision made previously. I’m thinking of writing a few articles on this topic hoping to help those who need this information.

Apart from removing your tattoo, you may want to first consider modifying or converting it to a slightly bigger design. The appearance and meaning of the new design will be completely different from the original one. The artists in any studios will know how to recommend something to you.

If your decision is still on the go to take out your tattoo, there are a few surgical as well as non-surgical solutions for you to think about. However, two of the most common procedures are the laser and some light based treatments. Thanks to the latest technology, the pain level of removing a tattoo has been reduced to a very minimum.

Both methods are quite identical by using pulses of light energy to break down tattoo ink that is embedded in the dermis (middle skin) layer. The doctor will use a hand held wand to expose the light directly on to the tattoo to destroy its pigments. When the ink begins to disintegrate in to tiny particles, our body system will be able to get rid of them without any complication.

These two methods are quite proven but costly. Also, the person who receives treatment will feel a little bit of burning sensation and with some pain. It is like the skin is constantly being flicked by an elastic rubber band.

The discomfort or pain can even be more intense if the area of treatment is relatively big, and when the tattoo is located at some sensitive part of the body, and at area with thin layer of skin. The doctor will decide if there is a need to make the area numbed, or to apply some cooling gel to control the pain and heat. The gel will help to attract light energy and to protect your skin.

Depending on the size of the tattoo to be removed, the procedures can be quite expansive. You can learn more about the other tattoo removal options before you come to a final decision.

Arrow Tattoo Meaning: Stay Focus and Keep Aiming

Arrow is an oldest form of semiotical symbol that points a direction. But, it can also be a brutal hunting tool that can quickly kill a prey. To people wearing arrow tattoos, their designs can mean a couple of things for them. Such a tattoo is often equipped with a long shaft having an arrowhead at the top section and a feather fletching and nock at its tail.

Most people believe that the direction symbol can lead them into the right course, being their spiritual or physical guiding symbols. There is an inspiring quote with unknown author that says,

When a person is confronting with some major challenges and obstacles in life, he or she may often think of getting an arrow tattoo hoping that it can help to motivate and guide him or her through the hardship. The design reminds and encourages its owner to face any blockage bravely and move on to defeat it.

While these are some of the most common meanings, the tattoo also carries other very powerful connotations in different disciplines and traditions. It can be sported to underscore an important goal to be achieved in one’s life. It is also a symbol of movement, power and force. In the Tibetan culture, the three segments of an arrow are regarded as intellect, body and spirit.

Having a few of these semiotical symbols can mean a lot for other things. A pair of them pointing at different directions represents conflict and war. To the Native American, in general a single arrow means protection against evil spirit. Nevertheless, the meaning varies from one tribe to another significantly. Two crossed arrows signify the close tie in a relationship, and a few in a bundle symbolize the strength and robustness. An arrow that has broken in to pieces or pointing downward represents peace. The design can also be found in the Zodiacal wheel being the birth sign of Sagittarius and is represented by the Archer.

Of course, yon can also combine the symbol with other elements to form a more intricate meaning and design. This tattoo is often seen on someone’s forearm, behind the neck, and calf. Sometimes, it can also be found on fingers, thigh, shoulder, ankle, instep and back of the hand. Also, most people love the tattoo in black color.