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What is a Tattoo – How to make one

What is a tattoo? To understand what a tattoo is and how it’s made, you need to first understand your skin’s construction.

Human skins are made out of 3 layers: the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous. The outer skin layer is called the epidermis. The middle skin, the dermis, is where ink pigments are injected in by the artist to form a beautiful artwork. The dermis is translucent, and therefore ink pigments can be viewed clearly from the surface of the skin.

Any ink remnants that fall within the epidermis will soon be removed by your body through the natural cell replenishment cycles. Your tattoo will fade or lose its vibrant colors if your artist didn’t insert the inks properly into the dermis. Therefore, it is important to choose an experience artist and to have the equipment set up correctly so that the needle reaches the middle skin layer consistently.