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Meanings of Wolf Head Tattoo in Tribal Style

To some people, what a tattoo means is more important than being just a form of adornment of the body. In the case of a wolf head tattoo, it symbolizes speed, strength and power that many tattoo lovers will feel proud to have one inked on their body.

Wolves are natural skilled hunters, and they have the strength and ability to take care of themselves and their own group or family. They hunt in group and act ferociously to the prey. But, they can also be domesticated to become man’s best friend. The wolves are known to be very loyal to their partners. They stick together and unconditionally look after one another. This unique characteristic resembles the family ethics that exists in today’s modern society.

The wolves design also signifies loyalty, fidelity, courage and victory, and the animals are found all over Asia, American and Europe. As they are living more peacefully with mankind nowadays, they have gained a more positive light in the recent years.

The animal is attributed as the master to the Native American. But, to some society the emblem is just a representation of a person’s membership to a specific group. In Christianity, the mammal has formed a notorious figure for committing bad things after the fall of night such as killing the shepherd’s sheep. They are often linked to the evil things that happen at dusk.

Wolf tattoos are often found on a person’s upper arm, upper back, shoulder, chest, and leg. It can also appear on the back of neck and the stomach just slightly above the waistline.  The design will look great on both the male and female’s body.

The process of getting the tattoo is definitely a very fun experience as there are plenty of artworks to pick from.  You will never need to struggle too much to find and decide on your perfect artwork.

The works of arts are usually very creative either in black or in colors. The popular designs are with a wolf head in howling, or having a peaceful look. It can also be the whole animal body in a charging, creeping, or leaping position, standing or sitting calmly, or chasing its prey in high speed. The animal can also be standing high with just on two legs. A wolf paw print motif is also quite popular. Quite often the artworks are made in tribal style, or filled with Celtic knot works, or blended with flame to create a raging and intense effect.