Gorgeous Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs – Power, Strength, Protection

Dragon symbolizes different meanings across different cultures. In Chinese heritage, it is a symbol for benevolence. While the phoenix was used to signify the empress, the five-clawed dragon represented the emperor of China.  Today, the common sight of Chinese dragon will be the dance presented during Chinese festivals. The tattoo design has also becoming more popular these days for the Chinese as well as for other ethnic groups.

For the most part, the design is perceived as a symbol of power, strength, wisdom, freedom, protection, as well as courage. As dragon is a long creature, it is suitable to be sported on the arms and legs. A half sleeve tattoo is very popular. You can also have the creature warps around the body filling up your full back or upper back, and have the its head slithers to the upper front.

For men who are fascinated by the oriental culture, Chinese dragon tattoo designs are usually the first preference when come to inking. Many women are also attracted by the long creature. By adding in tribal element to the artwork, the dragon makes a very stunning lower back tribal design.

You can find beautiful and creative artworks in a pro gallery.

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