Cool Demon Tattoo Ideas

The term “demon” comes from a Greek word which means the inferior deity. In Western cultures, it is believed that the evil spirit is an entity of non-human origin. The symbolic meaning of demon tattoo has always been a dark icon representing the unruliness and wildness with undesirable behaviors.
Demons are always something to be feared off throughout the history of mankind. According to Christian religion, they are the mediators of devils with malicious intent and always out there to hunt for mankind. However, modern demon tattoos are usually added with artistic design elements and often associated with a more positive connotation. The symbol has become one of the favorite designs among tattoo lovers who want to express the dark site of their personalities with a wicked, mischievous and playful diabolical appearance.
Most people wear the symbols on the upper arms, shoulders, and chests. Some of the popular design agents which can be blended with your demon tattoo are the flame, skull, wings, mask, horn, dagger, and sharp teeth. Demon skull tattoos are preferred by many men, and the artworks usually carry annoying and baffling faces.

Many women wear the evil emblems with feminine style to accentuate their naughtiness and seductive look—thus increase their self-confidence.

You can get more design ideas from a professional tattoo gallery.

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