Couple Matching Tattoos to Commemorate Love

Have you ever thought of wearing a set of twin or matching tattoos for couples with your sweetheart? When two people fall in love, have the feeling to hook up with each other and want to share all future experience together, it is something that is worth commemorating.

A friend showed me her tattoo the other day saying that she would never think of getting herself inked, but the idea of getting a pairing design to permanently commemorate the relationship with her future husband came suddenly, and just can’t resist. They deem it as a permanent love-inspired symbol that says “I love you forever!”

Becky & Adam's Wedding

Many new marriages are now blessed by a pair of identical inks on the body of the two partners being some sort of love representation and body adornment for the wedding.  Also, inking is often carried out by couples who want to celebrate their anniversaries with something unique. The practice has become a modern way to declare love for two lovers.

There are many tattoo ideas that are suitable for couples. The designs can literally be anything.  They can be a pair of identical symbols, or a tattoo that is split into two portions with half of it appears on each person’s body. It can also be a Yin and Yang design, or anything of natural duality like the sun and moon, left and right praying hands, male and female symbols, or anything that is significant to the couple.

Below are some examples that couples often consider.

1. Having a pair of identical hearts, or matching hearts to signify that life isn’t that perfect without having the loved one to be around.

2. Having two gold rings on the ring fingers of two partners to mark an everlasting marriage or relationship.

3. Having a matching tattoo constructed with the names of two peoples that splits in a creative way.

4. Having an image of the partner inked on each other’s body. But, you have to be very sure that this is what you really want to do. Tattoo is permanent but the love and passion can change and diminish overtime.

In fact, the list of design ideas can go on and on. The twin and matching tattoos can be made on the arms, legs, back of ear and lower back. Just be very sure that the romance will last for many years to come if you really want to bring your loved one to a studio for some work done together.

Ste Mere Eglise, Liberty Jump Team couple

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