50 Cursive Fonts and Letters for Tattoos

The word cursive stands for “running” in both the French and Medieval Latin languages. It refers to an uninterrupted flowing of handwriting in an inclined style where the successive letters of a word are connected together in one continuous stroke without lifting the hand during writing.

The benefit of using a joint writing to link alphabets or language symbols together is to allow writing to be done much smoother and faster especially in Arabic, Cyrillic and Latin languages. In Chinese language, however, the cursive skill refers to the art of writing a single Chinese character that is joined together with multiple, complex strokes.

There are many types of cursive fonts developed around the world. As no two people’s writing is exactly identical, each font resembles a penmanship of a different person. As early as in the 11th century in England, a penmanship known as the secretary hand was broadly used in any official document. Later, it was also introduced in public schools as an essential learning.

Today, with the availability of computer technology and software, cursive writing with various choices of fonts is easily accessible and widely seen in the designs of banners, greeting cards, web pages, certificates, diplomas, invitations, important documents and tattoos. This impressive skill appears almost in everywhere.

Many people like to make use of tattoo to declare a special statement for themselves, and inking letters or words on the body is certainly a very good way to convey a straightforward message. Creating a tattoo in cursive style with the name of the loved one, or a quote with special meaning can be very personal and unique. However, do think carefully when you intend to put somebody’s name on the body.

Below are 50 cursive tattoo fonts for your reference. There are a lot more remarkable styles out there, but some of them can only be found in particular web sites. When written in capital letters, several types of the fonts seem to be more difficult to read and occupy more space on paper as compare to the others.

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