Daffodil Tattoo Designs – Symbol of Joy

While a single daffodil signifies misfortune, several of them symbolize joy and happiness. In general, it represents resurrection, a new beginning, eternal life, regard, and chivalry. Because of the mostly positive symbolism, it has attracted many people to place daffodil tattoo designs on the body. Now that you are aware of the real meanings behind a single flower, you may want to include more than one in your artwork.

It is the flower for the tenth wedding anniversary which stands for unrequited love. Each time when you start to see a daffodil, it is an indication of the end of a winter season.  In England, it is a symbol that brings good luck and prosperity. Being the early flower of spring, in Wales’s culture, the person who discovers the first daffodil will get a lot of wealth in the coming one year. To the Chinese, it brings good fortune to the family if the flowers bloom during their New Year periods.

The tattoo is often worn for its aesthetic beauty as well as for its positive connotations. There are many ways to design your tattoo. Of course the flowers will look great just by themselves, but you can consider getting a more creative tattoo by blending it with hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, and some vines. You can even make the flower emerging out from the winter snow or mixing it with some green leaves. While it is also the birth flower for the Aquarians, intertwining the tattoo with an Aquarius glyph will give a perfect look for those who believe in their horoscopes. Likewise, you can seek help from an experience artist who can easily transform a yellowish, or a lavender daffodil with a big tubular center in to a unique piece of art.

So, where is the best body spot to locate such a marvelous design? The answer is depending on the size of the artwork that you intend to get. A larger artwork can be placed on the back, shoulder or side of the body. A smaller design is more suitable to ink on the upper arm, hand, leg and ankle. It can also be designed as a wrist chain together with vines.

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