Different Types of Cross Tattoos: Tribal, Gothic & Celtic Styles

Most people think that a cross is a religious symbol. If you’re in the same line of thought, you are absolutely correct as the symbol is usually associated with Christianity. However, depending on how the emblem is being designed, it can have a completely different meaning with no religious connotation. The symbol can actually be sported by anyone who admires it.

Celtic Style
Celtic cross is among the most wanted emblem with divine connotation. The Celtic cross tattoos are unique for their knots and looping that symbolize continuity of life cycles, and faith in life as a Christian.

Gothic Style
Gothic cross tattoo is different from the religious emblem. The most distinct difference is the barbed wires, or a snake that tangled around the cross creating a negative image. The tattoo symbolizes anger, darkness, and pain. With this obvious difference in design, Gothic arts can easily be differentiated from the Christian symbol.

Tribal Style
To revere the ancestors and traditions, some people who have relationship with a particular tribe may choose to sport a tribal cross. Others may want to ink because of the particular meanings that the tattoo carries, or they are simply attracted by its unique beauty. The tattoo often appears in black ink and broad strokes.

The best body parts to ink the design are the upper arms, shoulders, and upper back. Since the artwork can be scaled up or down in different size, the emblem can also be placed on the hands, ankles, back of neck, full back and chest.

You can view beautify & stunning designs from an online gallery.

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