Beautiful Dolphin Tattoo Designs: New Life, Prosperity, Abundance

Although living in the sea, Dolphin is a marine mammal that is intelligent, playful and friendly to human kind. We all know that dolphins are always having great time frolicking around, leaping out of the water, and swimming freely. The marine animal has formed a positive figure for itself. Wearing dolphin tattoo designs remind us of the happiness, thrill and freedom that you should have in life.

The symbol represents different meanings across different cultures. In ancient Greek and Hindu cultures, the marine mammal is believed to bring good luck and fortune. In Celts culture, the emblem means prosperity, abundance and guidance. Also, the tattoo is for those who want to mark the start of a new life.

The sea animal can be blended with various marine design elements, with one, or a group of dolphins forming a large canvas. You can also use other styles such as tribal and Celtic designs to create a truly remarkable artwork.

You can wear a dolphin design that is jumping above the water, or swimming under the surface. The popular locations to place the motif is on the legs, hips, stomach, back of neck, lower back and shoulders. View stunning work of arts in an online gallery.

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