Eagle Tattoos: Symbol of Loyalty, Power, Wisdom, Freedom

Eagle tattoo is probably one of the oldest emblems being marked on the human body. The symbol carries different meanings across different cultures. It represents the solar to the Persians and Greeks, and in the ancient Greek, the symbol is also regarded as the ultimate god, Zeus. To the Druids, eagle is a symbol of Supreme Being, power and protection. In Norse’s culture, it represents wisdom. Therefore, anyone who sports eagle tattoos will carry all these sacred and powerful statements.

In the United States, bald eagle is popular because it is the national bird. Eagle emblem is also used by many nations in their Coats of Arm including Germany, Russia, Austria, and United States in The Great Seal. A large number of military, veterans and patriotic service are wearing the bird symbols to show their love, loyalty and honor to the country they’re protecting. Some people even expand the design by adding in the national flag, flower and colors in the tattoo.

Eagle is a large bird of prey which is very powerful and strong. It also has a very good vision. In general, the bird tattoos inspire the bearers to take on anything they want in life with great strength and freedom.

There are a couple of ways to design your eagle artwork. You can have the birds to be designed in a sitting, attacking, soaring, or ready-to-take-off postures. All these designs look superb to be sported on the upper arms, shoulders, upper back, and chest.

You can see more beautiful & stunning designs on an online gallery.

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