Mystical Egyptian Tattoos and their Symbolic Meanings

Egyptian tattoo was a symbol of divinity, protection, and talisman as well as a form of sacrifice to deity. Many ancient mummies were found carrying tattoo artworks that made out of dots and lines, and these symbols have been there for thousands of year.

The aura of mystery, fear and power that surrounds the ancient culture has made the designs very mystical and popular. Some of the most wanted Egyptian tattoos include the ancient gods, demon, cat, Ankh or cross, and Hieroglyphs (Ancient Egyptian’s writing).

God Tattoos
Numerous gods and goddesses were revered in the ancient world, and each God carried different connotation.  Given below are the common gods and their symbolic meanings.

One of the popular god designs is the Eye of Horus, and Horus is the God of the sky that protects Egypt. It is a dominant eye symbol of the early civilization as well as a symbol that signifies wisdom, prosperity, power and protection. The Egyptians believed that Horus’s eye was destroyed in a fight by God Seth, and it was later restored by God Thoth. The power symbol was also associated with the sun.

  • Amun – was the king of all gods.
  • Anubis – was the God of cemeteries and embalming.
  • Hathor – was the Goddess who brought music, joy and love to the Ancient Egyptians.

Ankh / Cross Tattoos
Ankh was an ancient representation of fertility and life and also the most appeared symbol in the ancient world.

Cat Tattoos
Cat was revered as a sacred animal in the ancient culture. The creatures were believed to have been protected the ancient villages from various pests and snakes, and the cat Egyptian tattoo designs signified motherhood and fertility.

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