How to Find a Tattoo Parlor & Artist?

When you’ve decided to ink a tattoo, the next thing is to find out who are the experienced artists and qualified studios in town. It will be an important decision to make because any inexperience artist or less than a perfect parlor can easily mess up your design. Obviously you don’t want to end up getting infection, disease, or surprises on your artwork. Spending time to survey skilled artists is as important as deciding which artwork to pick. Here are some important tips on how to find a tattoo parlor.

  1. Find out how long they have already been in business. This can very much represents their experiences and the number of tattoos they have created.
  2. Research the internet for grievances regarding the parlor. You may find some positive and negative comments about them. Also, be aware that some artist may have more experience to work on a certain type of design.
  3. While health is always a major concern for inking, look for one that is professional and licensed. It should have good record in keeping the equipment clean and sanitized after each inking session.
  4. You’re expected to spend at least an hour to a few hours in the parlor depending on the size of the tattoo. You may also need to return to the shop on another day to complete the whole inking if it is a very large design. Therefore, feeling comfortable with the staffs and the atmosphere inside the studio is very important.
  5. A professional artist will always show his / her friendliness and open to what you want. In no circumstances should he / she pushes a design to you, or talk you into getting a more intricate and expansive artwork. While a skillful artist will give you advice when there is a problem with your design, some may let you know how to save money by making some adjustment.
  6. A parlor with high standard will charge a premium price compare to the average as there is always extra cost needed to hire quality artists, maintain equipment, and keep the place sanitized and nice. You can always assess what is available out there before deciding where to get your body ink.

Some good ways to locate tattoo studios near you is to research information through the internet and look up the yellow pages. Take down the address and survey the shop. Don’t rush for a decision, but visit the parlors and speak to the tattooists to find out what they have to offer you.

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