Fire Tattoos Make Strong Expression

A tattoo design can be more intense and lively when it is intertwined with the flame element. Besides making the tattoo work of art more ornamental, there are other connotations behind the decorative element.

The flame illuminates the darkness and keeps the surrounding warm and clear to sustain life, but it can also be terrifying and destructive. Fire tattoo designs represent the two natures, and they signify transformation, strength and passion. Fire is often revered in some religious rituals, and it is believed to bring good wishes and fortunes to the prayers.

A body artwork which is blended with the burning agent will help to enhance the expression of the other element. You can have many design symbols to interleave with flames. For examples, the heart fire tattoos can mean a sacred heart, or passionate love. A lion fire emblem signifies the strength of an infuriated lion running at top speed trying to chase its prey. However, just a flame emblem itself can make an incredible design.

The flames can often be represented by the beacons, candles, and torches. You can also use fireball flames and trail of flames in your fire artworks to create a strong sensation.

You can visit an online gallery to see creative designs.

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