First Tattoo Ideas that Never Go Wrong

I still remember the time when I was planning my first tattoo a couple of years ago. It took me more than two months to come to a final decision for what design to pick. It wasn’t a straight forward decision at all!

When I first started having the thought of selecting a tattoo for myself, ideas for how to create a unique design ran wild in my mind. I have been searching all over the place looking for a decent and meaningful tattoo.

In actual fact, I think I was lucky enough to have made a right decision on my first tattoo design. Sadly, there are too many people who have gotten their first inks are not really happy afterwards for what they have chosen.

So, how did I do it right?

Many years ago before the internet was widely available, the primary tattoo resource was to seek advice from the artists for ideas and designs base on the specific needs. In my

case, I’ve spent many days and nights pondering what I really wanted the tattoo to represent for me while its aesthetic beauty was always kept as my top priority.

I was fully aware that a tattoo would speak my styles. Knowing that it would also be a permanent beauty marking, I’ve spent hours and hours checking out different designs, reviewing artworks through various magazines and books before setting foot to the studio.

Today, with so many available resources, picking a design has been a simplified process. Everyone can literally pick an art work at home before going for inking. If you engage

yourself with a membership gallery, you can pre-select your perfect design beforehand and have a lot of choices.

Given below are a few options for your consideration. All these tattoos are quite pretty with mostly positive meanings. You can’t be wrong if you make use of these ideas.

1.    Flowers art works are good for both the men and women. There are almost unlimited types of flowers with different shape and color to consider. The botanists have registered over 10,000 species of flowering plants in this world, and more than a hundred of them have made it to the human body as tattoos. Some of the popular flowers for inking are hibiscus, rose, lily, daisy and lotus.

2.    Customize your Zodiac image, or glyph, as your tattoo. The good thing about inking your birth sign is that it is a representation of your unique personality. The size is often small and it will not be outdated. It is good for those who want to experience inking the very first time.

3.    A group of stars such as shooting stars with a streak of flame are some of the most simple and popular designs to think about.

Lifetime Tattoo

4.    For people who prefer a colorful art work, butterfly is famous for its delicate beauty and stylishness. You can design and stretch that little creature to a particular position that looks remarkable to you.


5.    The love symbol appears in a wide range of styles, designs and colors. It is often sported to represent love and passion in a relationship.

This list can go on and on. It is important to know what you want your first tattoo to underscore for you. See as many quality works of arts as you can before making a final choice. Good luck pal!

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