Flower Tattoos Meanings – What should you get?

As many females are getting their body inked these days, the demand of flower designs is also on an escalating trend. One good thing about floral artworks is that there are plenty of colors and types to choose from. A small tattoo can make out of a single flower while a larger artwork can consist of a few of them. You can also intertwine the symbol with other elements such as vines, butterflies, ladybugs, etc. There are a lot of meanings associated with different types of flowers. So, it is not difficult to find a design that will suit your taste on the aesthetic beauty and give you the right symbolism.

Flora symbol is a representation of the natural world, highlighting the life, colors and vitality. We see life in plants, and on a daily basis we also see flowers grow and bloom.  But, not too long after that they start to dry up and then wilt away. So, by wearing a flower tattoo, it signifies the whole cycle of life.

If you’re looking for your next design, remember that different colors and types can mean other things. A timid and shy person who enjoys taking things slow will want to consider violets. White usually symbolizes purity and innocent while red underscores the burning passion. Besides the different flower tattoos meanings, there are almost unlimited choices of designs for you to select.

Roses are probably the most popular choices signifying love, and passion. It is a symbol of romance and often used in special occasions with our loved ones. In the Western world rose is also a symbol of love and purity while lotus plays the same role in the East. Lotus tattoos carry several positive meanings such as good fortune, peace, goodness, and beauty. It is the most popular design in the Eastern world while rose is most wanted tattoo in North America.

There are many other choices such as acacia which represents pure love and friendship, and the hibiscus signifies delicate beauty and elegance. For Irish people, 3-leaf clovers, or the shamrocks, is an emblem of Holy Trinity being the Father, Son and Host Spirit according to St. Patrick. The Bells of Ireland is another popular Irish mascot of good luck. Tulips are preferred by those who attribute themselves as a perfect lover. To learn the meanings of various flower designs, you can check out this page.

Flower tattoos are flexible. It can be small or large design, and the ideal locations to place the tattoo can be on the arms, legs, shoulders, chest, naval, lower back, upper back, ankles, and etc. The meanings behinds the beauty are also plenty. It is not difficult to find one that speaks the meaning you want.

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