The Attractiveness of Gemini Tattoos

Gemini occupies the third house of Zodiac. It is an air sign often represented by the Twins. Those who are born under this sign (between 22nd May and 21st June) show their characteristic of being a natural communicator. They are curious about a variety of interests and capable of making changes to adapt themselves to the new situations. All these qualities can be very helpful to an individual who wants to achieve his / her objectives in life. However, the Geminis should always remind themselves to stay focus and not to be distracted from doing the important things.

The glyph of Gemini looks like a numeral “II” in Roman. Ruled by the planet of Mercury, it represents the duality of two opposite forces that always exist in the nature–the good and evil, right and wrong, hot and cold, up and down, etc. Some people may also attribute the two vertical lines of the glyph to a male’s and female’s reproduction which is controlled by the constellation.

The popular Gemini tattoos can be images of the glyph, or an identical twin. The glyph is often created in a stylish design which is suitable for the men and women. You can pick a twin image that consists of two angels, animals, cupids, skulls, fairies, or human faces with portraits showing your loved one and youself. Some women place a Roman numeral II in the middle of the artwork and intertwine it with vines, flowers, stars, or a tribal symbol. Combining the glyph with some meaningful texts, or a person’s name, or a letter “5” which is associated with this constellation is also very common for a Gemini design.

There are many suitable locations on the body to place this tattoo. Some of the popular spots are the collar, arm, leg, shoulder, lower back, and naval. If you’re a woman who wants to attract attention, consider placing a tattoo at your ankle. For man, a glyph inked with a striking color on top of a black tribal symbol will make you look very stunning.

The creativity and variations of the astrological symbols are almost endless. Get inspire by the amazing works of arts in an online professional gallery—check out the site.

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