Praying Hands Tattoo with Rosary Beads, Flowers, Bright Light

Over the years, many different types of gestures or postures are practiced by religious devotees in various cultures around the world to express their reverence to gods. Regardless of a person’s religion and tradition, the praying hands is quite a universal representation of prayer, divine presence, respect, spirituality, and meditation. So, a praying hands tattoo is an excellent choice if you are looking for a symbol that can signify your spirituality, religion, faith and your belief of the presence of god everywhere.

Below is the significance of the symbol in different religion.

In Christianity, praying with the hands folded together has been a common gesture practiced in the West since the early 1500’s A.D. It signifies sincerity, obedience, repentance and submission. Some of the possible tattoo design options are the folding hands with rosary beads, or cupped around a blight star.  The bright light signifies goodness and divine essence. Besides, you can also blend the symbol with flowers, birds, or a cross, or add in some text above or underneath the tattoo. In fact, all these images can be seen in many printed materials nowadays as well as being fabricated as jewelry and accessories for the body.

The Buddhists all over the places are also using different types of gestures during religious rituals to worship their gods. They offer food, flowers, tea, wine, water, and so forth, and burn incense coils, joss sticks and candles to honor various deities and to purify the surroundings. One of the gestures of reverence is by bringing both hands together with a little cup around the level of the heart. It resembles a pure lotus bud emerging out from the muddy water. It is an act with a sincere heart and determination as well as having faith in god.

The divine gesture is often worn by the men and women on their upper arms, upper back, and chest. They can also be seen on the neck and stomach. Click on the blue link or the banner to check out the unique works of art.

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