The Most Liked Leg Tattoos for Girls

Many girls place tattoos on their legs because the area in between the knee and ankle is one of the most provocative body spots. Also, this is an area that will draw plenty of attention of the bystanders particularly from the male group.

Another good thing is that the design can easily be covered up when it is not meant to be shown at work, during job interview, in the library, or the classroom. You can wear a pair of long pants, or opaque hosiery to hide your tattoo. But at the beach, you can be the center of attention when revealing your beautiful artwork.

So, what are the good choices of leg tattoos for girls? Well, the designs you can use are almost unlimited. Listed below are some favorable tattoo ideas for girls, and they will make you look extremely pretty and fashionable.

1) Vines
Consider wrapping around your leg with a long and flexible vine, slithering from the back to the side, and bring out the beautiful features of your leg. The vine tattoo can be intertwined with flowers of your choice, or even with grapes, stars, or hearts, to make a unique work of art. If you are an Irish descendent, the lucky clover leaves can be a good choice of vine design.

Bird of Paradise Tattoo
2) Flowers
Alternately you can produce your own design of flower chain, or a group of your favorite flowers that stretched to fit your calf area. If you want a more elaborate tattoo, combine it with one or two pollinators such as bee, butterfly, hummingbird, or even a ladybug.

3) Butterflies
A group of butterflies scattered randomly around your leg with colorful wings is really gorgeous. Likewise a set of black butterflies in tribal style are also preferred by many women because of their intense beauty.

4) Popular character
You can have a freaky pin up model, or a Disney cartoon character, or a mermaid that appears at the back of the leg. Without doubt this will create a very special look on your body.

5) Stars
Stars are all time favorite design and fashion for girls. Consider to inscribe a group of shooting stars that run from the top of your calf to the bottom.

6) Tribal arts
Whether it is an intricate or a simple artwork, in back ink or multiple colors, tribal design always look great and attractive to anyone who look at it.

7) Reptiles with long body and tail
The leg is a long body part that is most suitable for a lengthy artwork such as a dragon, snake, lizard, caterpillar, or a peacock feather, or even an animal with a long tail such as a squirrel. Both black and colorful design looks equally amazing on a female body.

8) Corset pattern
Ink both sides of your calf with a pair of corsets pattern. This fashionable design will surely invite a lot of attention to your feet. And, it is a good choice for those who want to underscore their long and sexy legs.

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