Popular Tribal Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

The Maori, Samoan and Hawaiian works of arts are some of the most popular and widely seen Polynesian designs. To the people who live in the western Pacific islands, tattooing culture has been one of the important practices for over a thousand years. Inking is a significant event performed during a ceremony.

The intricate Polynesian symbols carry specific attributes which are used to define a person’s identity and social status in a tribe. It is also a way for the bearer to convey messages. One should avoid picking an emblem that has the hidden meanings of the tribes.

While the Polynesian man sported tattoo on the body to signify his social significance, the women of the pacific islands wore tattoos on their hands, arms, ears, lips and feet. The conventional inking tool is a crude, serrated chisel with sharp points made out of fish bones, beaks, and claws. Although modern inking machines are being used this day, the traditional method is still remained in practice by some skilled artists.

Many people are attracted by the unique beauty of the Hawaiian tattoo designs which are large and bold and often in ancient style. The fine pieces of arts consist of symmetrical lines with geometric patterns and animal images. In general, Hawaiian symbols can be anything found in the natural world from flowers to animals, stones to shells, and water to sharks. Here are some remarkable design options you can consider.

Tribal Style
Hawaiian tribal tattoo is most suitable to be done in black ink. The popular choices include gecko, dolphin, shark teeth, and sea turtle. Gecko is believed to carry supernatural power. It symbolizes respect and fear while sea turtle is a figure of fertility and long life. The shark tooth is a scared symbol protecting its bearer from threat. You can consider placing one of these emblems on your back or arm.

Hawaiian Flower
For people who admire flower tattoos, Hawaiian style is a good option because of its unique meaning and colors. Some of the popular floral designs are hibiscus, birds of paradise and orchid. Given below are the meanings of various beautify flowers found in Hawaii. You can ink just one or a combination of them on your back, leg, or next to your belly button.

  1. Hibiscus represents delicate beauty, and it is regarded as an emblem of life. As the flower blooms for a brief period, it reminds the bearer to take advantage of every opportunity on hand. It is a native flower of Hawaii and can be found in a variety of colors—white, pink, blue red, green, yellow, orange and lavender.
  2. Anthurium is another popular choice well-known for its heart-like flower shape in pink or red. It symbolisms hospitality.
  3. Orchids carry a variety of meanings – love, magnificence, refinement, mature charm, and attraction. The Ghost orchid is hard to locate, and it represents rare beauty. The dendrobium with a butterfly shape is popular in Hawaii for its esthetic beauty.
  4. The birds of paradise flower resembles a flying bird signifying heaven and joyfulness. It’s a flower with multiple colors of yellow, blue, red and pink.

Hawaiian Band
If you’re looking for a tattoo to wrap around your wrist or bicep, consider combining a Hawaiian tribal artwork with other design agents such as vines, flowers, hearts, etc. The tattoo is most suitable for woman who wants a small motif.

If you wish to have plenty of selection before inking, visit a professional gallery.

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