The Positives and Negatives of Horse Tattoo Designs

The hore belongs to the equine family alongside their cousins, the donkeys and the zebras. There has been a variety of symbolism associated with this animal totem throughout the history of mankind. Depending on the specific culture, the representation of horse tattoo designs can be positive and negative, and their meanings are often varying and contradictory over different traditions.

Drawings of the early horses can be found on the walls of many caverns around the world which were drawn by the Cavemen since hundreds to thousands years ago. It is in fact a very old symbol. In the past, the animal was used to assist human as a mean of transportation. Today, they are still men’s good friends and they are admired because of their grace and beauty. In general, the symbols of equines signify freedom, wealth, speed, stamina, strength and vitality. They are also associated with the emperors, royal members, aristocracies and nobilities.

But, the creatures are also omens of evils and death according to some societies. Some people think that a black horse signifies impending destruction and mortality. It is also a symbol of evil power, mourning and Satan. Dreaming of a white horse is an omen of death, but the red equine was respected and used in war by the ancient Greece.  It carried the qualities of triumph over adversities and difficulties as well as being a representation of peace and a figure for the warrior.

While the meanings of the emblems can be good and ugly, it actually depends on the individual who picks to inscribe the animal totem. As long as there are specific reasons as to why you want that animal design, how other people look at your tattoo is insignificant.

If you do a research on the internet, you will find bunch of creative artworks and information on the most ideal locations to place these artworks. Some common body areas to ink are the shoulder, chest, arm, etc. You should try to see plenty of design options before making a decision for which work of art to pick. Design ideas are always unlimited. For example, you can consider a flying horse, or to have a pair of them occupying your full back–resemble those symbols that made out of large wings.

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