Get Inspired by an Ancient Art tattoo

The art and culture of tattooing has been practiced in several traditions around the world for many centuries. Today, tattoo is often used as a body decor, but in the past it served many other purposes. For example, the indigenous people living in the Pacific islands worn tattoos to mark their ancestry, social status and ranking in a tribe. Bikers or members of the secret societies sported tattoo as the affiliation and the sign of faithfulness to a particular group. Sailors at open sea in the old days believed that their nautical star symbols could protect and guide them home safely.

Over the years, tattoo has also been used as a symbol of religion, amulet, protection, emblem of bravery, symbol of punishment due to the committed sin and guilt, promise of love, tribute and remembrance of someone or an important experience of life. There is always a purpose and message behind each body mark.

If you are looking for an ancient art tattoo, there are just too many astonishing choices to consider. The oldest form of tattoo can be traced back as early as 4,000 BC from the body of the mummies.

So, what are the popular ancient artworks that you can consider? Some of the early designs can be anything religious and cultural, from Celtic knots to Egyptian arts and Hieroglyphs, from Maori curves and lines to Japanese Kanji, from Native American arts to African Adinkra symbols. All these artworks are regularly picked by tattoo enthusiasts to intertwine with other elements, trying to form a unique design so to adorn their body and to quote an important statement for them.

Whether it is a large piece of design customized for the full back, or just a roll of ancient Egyptian lettering wrapping over the arm, the creativity of the ancient design can run wild. If you are interested in any ancient tribal symbol, try to avoid picking a design that incorporates the unique attributes of a tribe. You can discuss this with your artist, or do some research on the internet to screen out those features. Make sure you go through many quality designs before you come to a final decision.

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