Make Your Kanji Tattoo Designs & Symbols Accurate

Are you inspired by the kanji designs? Although kanji (漢字) literally means Han, or Chinese character, modern Japanese writing system uses a mixture of three scripts, the kanji, hiragana, and katakana. While kanji utilizes the same Chinese writing, its meanings can be alike, or entirely different.

When getting a kanji symbols tattoo, one very important precaution is to ensure the writing and translation are 100% accurate. It is very common for people to make mistakes on kanji tattoo designs with missing strokes as well as upside down, backward and defaced characters. With some help from the native speakers, you can easily avoid making a lifelong mistake on your skin. You can also seek profession service to help on the translation and writing.

The common spots to ink a Japanese tattoo are the back of neck, upper back, shoulders, stomach and arms. Very often the tattoos appear in black ink. Occasionally it may be created in other colors but usually in monochrome. You can add other design elements such as flowers to the Japanese writing making it a truly amazing and unique design.

The popular Japanese symbols are usually marked with some meaningful words and the name of a person. Here are a few designs favored in the Western world.

Examples of Western names translated in Japanese symbols:

Some inspiring words:

redcorn100% Accurate Japanese Symbol Translation

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