Leo Tattoo, the Playful Lion Zodiac Symbol

Leo occupied the fifth position of the Zodiac wheel. Representing by an arrogant and playful lion, Leo tattoo is certainly a good choice for people born between July-23 to August-22 who wanted to portray their Zodiac glyph on the body.

This astrological symbol is the 2nd constellation of the fire element together with Aries and Sagittarius. People of fire energy are often seethed with things that can light them up. They like to make daring move and act quickly base on instinct. Such personality has influenced them for taking actions without thinking of the results, but it has also created them a lot of joy. They seem to have indispensable energy, feel passionate about life, and live large. As such they are stylish, lovable and often be the centre of attention. Being the sun’s only house, those born under this sign usually show noticeable pride, and they always feel proud of themselves. It is also a regal symbol.

Leo is ruled by planet Saturn, and it is one of the four fixed signs of Zodiac. Therefore, people of this constellation also have a strong and unique attribute to resist change. Other characteristics that can be used for design ideas while customizing your tattoo are the marigold flower, yellow hue, gold, ruby stone and heart shape. The foods associated with Leo sign are the peas, plums and oranges.

The glyph is represented by an upside down letter “U” with curled up tips that resembles a jellyfish or octopus to me.  Some people think that it looks like a lion’s mane. You can either choose the glyph, or a lion image, or intertwine both of them in to your Leo tattoo.

The artwork can be quite large, or very small with just a reversed “U” image. There is no restriction for any design style you choose, or where you want to place the tattoo on the body. Some will ink on the shoulder, chest, upper arm, leg, back of neck, lower back, or next to the navel. While it is more common for the tattoo to appear in black color, lion images with multiple colors are often seen. Tribal design is a favorable choice, but make sure you pick a design that suits your taste and style the most!

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