The Balance Glyph for Libra Tattoo

If you’ve decided to place an astrological symbol on the body, perhaps you can start your tattooing process by doing research on the meanings behind the planets. Is there any unique characteristic of yours that you want the Zodiac sign to underscore it for you?

Those born in between 23rd September to 22nd October are qualified to wear Libra tattoo designs. Residing in the seventh position of the Zodiac calendar, it symbolizes the Balance, or the Scale, being represented by its glyph. People of this birth sign always exhibit their honesty and impartiality, act to balance things and zeal for justice. They value peace a lot, and in any conflicting situation, they will compromise and work out an acceptable solution, or establish a mutual agreement.  But, striking a balance in life is the most important agenda.

The planets are also associated with air element. We know that air is very dynamic in nature, and people of this element are extremely enthusiastic, positive, extroverted and masculine. They set goals and work hard to accomplish their targets even if they are not so excited and passionate about achieving those goals in the first place. When working together with other people, they expect their associate to work just as hard. They will never have difficulty to come out with plenty of great ideas with their innate intuitive ability. This capacity helps them to continually seek answers while indulging in some intellectual quest, studying, or doing research in a specific field.

Think positive and make decisive decisions are some of the other unique traits. The Librans are sociable and amiable. They are also very good listeners who enjoy talking and interacting with their fellows. They give credit to others where credit is due, but they will not hesitate to take great pride of the good. It is an emblem of partnership that symbolizes harmony and fairness.

Depending on where you intend to place the artwork, medium to large Libra tattoos will look good on the upper back. A smaller image, or the glyph, can be sported anywhere on the body such as behind the neck, hands, legs, and lower back. The tattoos are often created with the glyph, or a Balance, in tribal style. It is also not unusual to ink the sign of Scale carrying by a man or a woman. While many tattoos are in black, you may want to make up your design with the appropriate Libran colors of blue and violet. The pearl and opal which are the birth stones of Libra can also be used in the design of your next astrological symbol.

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