Meaningful Carnation Tattoo Designs

Having existence for over two millenniums, the carnation flower is rich in meanings and mythology. Many people incise carnation tattoo designs just to embellish the body, but you can certainly choose any petal color according to the meaning that you want. A wide range of colors are available, and each color comes with a very rich and unique connotations.

Generally carnations represent devoted love. Below are the meanings of various colors associated with the flowers:

  • White is a symbol of pure and eternal love. It also signifies fertility, gratitude, innocence, faithfulness, and good luck.
  • Light red represents friendship and admiration.
  • Dark and vivid red symbolizes affection and deep love.
  • Purple helps to express a feeling of always changing, capricious, and unpredictable emotions. It is unclear for when, or under which occasion that the flower is used.
  • Pink is the most significant color because it is believed that the flower was created by Virgin Mary’s teardrops when she cried during Crucifixion of Jesus. It is a symbol of a mother’s unconditional and never-ending love, and it has been used to depict a woman’s love over the years.
  • Yellow signifies the feelings of disappointment, disrespect, and rejection in a person.
  • Receiving a striped flower means that you are refused by someone.

For those who love to get a carnation design, now that you’ve gained more knowledge about the emotions each color is representing. Try to pick a color that speaks the right statement and exact emotion that you want. Of course, you can ink a tattoo just to admire its aesthetic beauty. Pick any color combination that you fancy if it is just for the adornment of the body.

If you’re born in the month of January, this flower represents your birth symbol. Carnation is also commonly worn at weddings, and during Teacher’s Day and Mother’s day. But, in certain cultures such as France, the flower signifies misfortune and bad luck.

Wearing a flower design is certainly a very good choice. It can cheer up your day and bring smile to your face during tough time. Some good body spots for this floral work of art are the upper back, shoulder, upper arm, stomach, lower back, and leg.

Check out the award-winning carnation tattoo to get more design ideas before leaving for your favorite parlor.

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