Tattoos of Crosses and their Meanings

If you’re looking for a religious symbol to represent your faith towards your beliefs, tattoos of crosses will be a worthy choice to explore. The “t-shape”, or the cross symbol is literally found in many traditions and religions around the world, and the meanings vary a lot according to the type of design you are picking. The works of arts can be made very beautiful, and wearing one of those creative motifs can definitely make you shine in front of everybody.

There are a few types of cross tattoos. Some carry specific meanings while others are culturally linked to certain groups.  Among all the available designs, the most common one is the Christian cross. It is perhaps the most widely used symbol by the Christian to extol their supreme devotion to Jesus Christ. The design signifies the resurrection of Jesus—a symbol that is used to memorialize Christ’s death.

Another popular design is the Celtic cross. Famous for its intricate and fascinating knot works, the Celtic tattoo has a long history in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and it signifies the pride in heritage. The Celtic symbol also represents eternity, and it is usually created in black or green color. The Celtic knots are used to form the outline of the “t” in many designs.


One more popular style that has no connotation to any religion is the Gothic cross tattoo.  People who choose to wear a Gothic design want to portray the Edwardian and Victoria cultures using wrought iron work, and barbed wired that coiled around the “t” symbol. You can also find a “t-shape” image that is made out of two knifes along with a drop of blood at the tip. All these artworks will create a mysterious feeling that signifies darkness, pain, depression and anger. It is meant for those who want to show a horrific scene.

There are almost unlimited tattoo artworks on the internet. Take your time to contemplate what you really want before you ink! Also, take a look at what’s available in the online professional gallery.

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