Popular Nautical Star Tattoo Designs

In the past centuries, sailors in the open seas relied tremendously on navigating stars to steer at night, and to avoid getting off course. They used a few stars to find their way and guide them home safely. The Southern Cross was their direction pointer in the Southern hemisphere, and they relied on the Plough constellation to maneuver in the North. The sailors in the olden days were identified as the early group who sported nautical star designs on the body.

Star emblems were worn by many social groups in the past decades to signify different meanings. There was much contentious dispute for the actual connotation of nautical star tattoos. While much of the lesbians’ movements were still secretive in the past, the star icons were inked to identify partners. The wrist was the common location for inking to convey the particular message. Over the years, the navigating symbols were also utilized by other social groups such as the rockers, punks, soldiers and gays.

Today, star symbols carry a completely different perspective, and the artworks are very popular around the world. The design acts as a constant reminder so that the bearer will not stop in pursuing his or her dream and destination.

The symbols are superb to be sported at the lower back, lower stomach, armbands, feet and shoulders. In fact, the motifs can be inked on almost any parts of the body. You can have one solitary symbol, or a group of stars with different sizes to make a bigger design. But it is important for you to see enough tattoo pictures before you decide on a particular artwork to ink.

P.S: To view more creative and stunning artworks, check out the professional gallery.

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