Show Your Respect & Loyalty with Patriotic Tattoos

Although inking a patriotic emblem is not too common, there is a certain group of people who love to have it on their skin. A lot of veterans, military, and patriotic service such as firemen and policemen are wearing the symbols to reflect their loyalty, respect and love to the country they’re defending.

There are some popular symbols that are often used as the design elements in patriotic tattoos.

1)    Eagle and the Coats of Arm
Many countries around the world, including USA, Russia, Germany, and Austria, use the eagle emblem for their Coats of Arm. Eagle is a symbol of power, strength and freedom. You can wear an eagle design or even the Great Seals if you’re in the USA.

2)    National Flag
To show your patriotism and honor to your nation, you can blend the national flag with a tattoo of your choice.

P/S: You can find creative flag and eagle symbols from a pro gallery.

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