Bird Symbol — Phoenix Rising Tattoo

A phoenix rising from fire is a very popular design after the eagle. The legendary bird of fire in its rising position represents the triumph over death and adversity of life while the fire element exemplifies turbulence and death. Therefore, a phoenix rising tattoo helps the bearer to mark a new beginning of life with its symbolic meanings of rebirth and resurrection.

The tattoo is meant for those who have struggled a great deal of difficulties in life. It doesn’t matter how hard the past experiences were, or how many times you have fallen down, or how many people have tried to bring you down. You have now come out from the troubles, and you’re moving toward a better life. It is a representation of hope, transformation and purification through fire and hardship.

The symbol has varying representations in different cultures. In Christianity, the disciples attribute the emblem to Jesus reminding themselves of the rebirth of Christ who has ascended to heaven.

In the Chinese’s tradition, the phoenix symbol just comes after dragon. It is the greatest, mystical bird and only the Empress was allowed to use the design in the past. While the symbol is associated with femininity representing the grace and virtue properties of the females, the dragon signifies the attributes of the imperial males. The primary colors of the feathers consist of green, black, white, yellow and red. The pairing of a dragon and a phoenix signifies the yin and yang properties.

The symbol also played an important role throughout the history and civilizations of the Greek, Arabian and Roman. The bird was believed to possess a unique capability, and it represented the sun. It was made out of fire, and after living for five hundred years, it would make itself an aromatic twigs and disintegrate into flame, and then resurrect– after 3 days a new bird will be born and emerged from ashes.

In Japan, the bird images are often found on the sword hilts as well as in needlework. It is one of the popular design choices in the Japanese inking industry by having a dragon to intertwine with a phoenix creating a harmonious duality of yin and yang.

You should find a tattoo that means something to you. Go through as many phoenix bird tattoo designs as possible before making a decision on your perfect artwork. Happy Inking!

Tatuagem Fenix Phoenix tattoo

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