Artistic Pisces Symbol Tattoos

People born between 19th Feb to 20th Mac can consider wearing a Pisces, the twelfth sign of the astrological wheel. This mutable, water element represents femininity, and its planetary rulers are the Jupiter and Neptune. The colors associated with the Zodiac sign are the pale blues, purple, sea green, and pink.

This sun sign controls the lymphatic system and the feet of our body, and those who own this Zodiac sign may be more vulnerable to having leg injury and lymphatic diseases.

With two fish in mirror image or in the opposite directions, the Zodiac sign symbolizes a unique personality of the Pisceans for having difficulty in making a firm and decisive decision. However, they can be very creative, versatile, intuitive, and receptive to new things and environment.

In general, a Piscean has a kind, unselfish, caring, generous, patient, gentle, compassionate and friendly characters. He or she is sensitive to the feelings of the others, and often shows sympathy to those who are suffering. They worry more of other people’s problems than their own, and they are willing to sacrifice themselves to benefit the others. All these affectionate, easygoing and submissive attributes make them to be very popular with everyone, and they can easily make friend with the people surrounding them.

As represented by the pair of fish, the Pisces symbol tattoos are quite aquatic in nature. So, the tattoos usually consist of the glyph symbol, the fish, the word “Pisces”, and various attributes of the sun sign such as its colors and flowers. The work of arts can also be very artistic, either with a realistic or abstract design.

If the zodiac symbol is not too large, it can be incised on the back of ears, collar, hands, and legs. A larger design can be placed on the shoulders, back, stomach, and upper arms. Be sure to scan through many quality artworks before making your choice!

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