Judging the Experience of a Potential Tattooist

In order to fulfill your expectation of getting a tattoo with the highest quality, selecting a capable artist that meets your criteria is important. So, the only way to find out if he or she is the right candidate to do the job for you is to ask them bunch of questions. Don’t be shy to ask anything you wish to know if you really want to make certain that the tattooist is skillful enough to work on your skin.

Below are some of the suitable questions that you should ask.

1. Previous work samples
You can request the artist to show you samples of their previous work. Almost every parlor will have a collection of work of arts taken from their past customers. There are usually kept in albums in the form of pictures. These images will tell a thousand words about what they are good at, and what can be anticipated from their work. In fact, this is a very crucial step as in the end it will tell you if he or she is the right person to do a particular design that you have in mind.

2. Experience
Another important consideration is their past experience. Certainly, no one would like a complete beginner to work on the skin unless there are reliable sources, or past experience from friends to certify that he or she is really capable and talented. But still, getting to know the length of their business can give you some ideas about their experience, or how many designs they have created.

In general, a more reputable artist will usually have a lot of experience and plenty of testimonials from their previous customers. If you find that an artist who has been around for many years but doesn’t seem to have done a great deal of designs, obviously something is not quite right, and you should avoid those shops.

You can find out a lot about the background of an artist by asking these questions. If you don’t want to be inked by someone who is inexperienced, asking the right question is probably the best way to help screening out the good tattoo artists.

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