Realizing Your Tattoo Dream This Year!

If you have been spending a bit of your time considering getting a tattoo but have not really taken any action, perhaps you may want to turn your dream into a reality this year. Set a target for yourself to attain and get inspired by your dream design for many years to come!

To start the ball rolling, here are a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself first. Take as long as it takes to find the answers.

1)    Where do you want to locate the tattoo? Do you want the ink to be exposed at all time, or do you want it to be hidden when you choose not to show it? Or, do you just want to show it to the person you love? So, you probably need to decide where to place your perfect design first.

2)    Next, how big an artwork do you want? You can consider a small to medium size design. You can also scale it up to match the area you pick to ink. The tattoo can be very creative and stretched to suit the particular body spot following the contour of the body.

3)    What type of design do you have in mind? Do you want a color or monochrome– simple or intricate design? Also, do you want to use the tattoo to represent something, or is it just for beauty reason?

Although it is quite obvious not to get something that you will feel regret afterward, many people still fall in to the same trap of having their tattoos to be removed later. I always advice my visitors to see plenty of high-quality tattoo in different design categories and research the meanings behind the symbols.

Try to avoid any controversial images and things that you are not sure such as inking the name of the boyfriend or girlfriend as the relationship may not last forever. Some image can be embedded with the attributes of a gang to mark its affiliation. A Chinese character tattoo with a reversed (mirror image) stroke can be embarrassing when exposing it to your Chinese friends. These can make your life miserable.

Pick something meaningful and pretty that you fancy the most. Bring the astonishing artwork to the studio and discuss the design with the artist. He or she will be able to provide ideas for how to clone or tailor it on to your body.

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