Add Shades & Colors to Tattoo Outline

After deciding which tattoo design and its outline to use, many people think that the most difficult part of an inking process is over. Unfortunately the job isn’t really over yet. It is because the outline of the work of art needs some precise work especially when it has to be hinged to other tattoo artworks. But even so, it is more to a remarkable design than an outline alone….as you are going to see! The skills and the experiences of a tattoo artist indeed play an important role in determining the final quality of your tattoo.

While many artists feel relief after the design outlining step is done, the fact is that there are other equally important tasks that need to be handled well in order to churn out an amazing work of art. None will be more vital than the course of shading and coloring.

Of course, it is very much depending on your chosen design that will determine how long it would take to complete this part of the inking process. If the particular artwork involves plenty of pigmentations or the shading is heavy and intense, then it will need as much effort as it takes to complete the outline. Well, it is better to take necessary time and energy than end up not meeting your requirement and expectation.

During the process of shading and coloring, the artists are regularly swapping tools that they use for inking. In some situation they may even switch to a somewhat different type of equipment than a needle gun. Don’t worry when this happens. It is normal for an artist to use different type of tools when working on the shading and coloring.

Only when the pigments are inserted in to the skin, your tattoo will begin to show the image that you are having in mind. While it is hard for the artist to fully comprehend what’s in your mind and transform the pattern on to your body, there may be some misalignment and disappointments, but it is really a great job done!

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