Shooting Star Tattoos – Record That Special Moment in Life

Shooting star, or falling star, refers to a streak of flame a meteoroid produces when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Although the trail of fire can only be seen for a few seconds, it is certainly a very unique experience for the onlookers.

At young age, our parents told us to make wishes whenever we see a falling star. In some cultures, the stars are believed to bring good lucks to the spectators. Today, the shooting star tattoos are worn to record an important event that may have changed a person’s life. The bearer sports the symbol in order to constantly remind him or her of a special occasion.

The artworks are usually small in size. You can wear a single or several stars with equal or different sizes to cover a larger body area. The star design is usually a 5-point shape with sunburst, and a tail with several lines to indicate that it is a flying object. Some people may place a few small stars along the tail.

As the flaming symbol is small and flexible, it can be resized to suit any body parts. Many creative artworks are available when come to the aesthetic elements of the designs. You can select any color schemes and modify the designs to suit your personal taste.

Women love to place star tattoo designs on the ankles, neck, hips, and belly button whereas the men usually want a bigger canvas to be placed on the shoulders, upper back, calf, feet, and sleeves. In fact, the symbol can be sported on almost any place on the body.

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