Scary, Cheerful Skull Tattoo Designs

Besides of creating a tough and a masculine look, skull tattoo designs carry a few symbolic meanings. The cranium artworks are often associated with death, fear, or danger, but there are other more profound meanings behind them. The emblems act as a constant reminder for the bearers to live the most out of their lives with what they have, and accept the destiny fearlessly.

There are a lot of options available for skull symbols. Some people want their skull to pair with a set of crossbones. You can blend your artwork with a variety of design elements such as tribal, flowers, dragons, angel wings, crosses, butterflies, snakes or flames to form a truly amazing and creative skull artwork. You could make your symbol look frightening or a little more cheerful, bold and colorful or just in monotone, small and simple or intricate in design.

The good body spots to ink the cranium motifs are on the arms, upper back, shoulders, and chest.

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