Stenciling: Outline the Design onto Your Body

After picking a remarkable work of art, you are now sitting on a tattoo chair, or lying on a bed in the studio getting yourself ready to be inked. Everything is set. The equipment and the tools are properly sterilized, and the area is ready. But, there is still one last thing that the artist needs to prepare you before he or she can actually insert pigmentations into your skin. It is the stenciling step.

As your artist is not going to draw the tattoo outline with freehand onto your body, they need to have some sort of design guide to follow. So, a template will be printed on your skin so that the exact design can be copied over onto your skin, and the artist can start to fill the artwork with inks. If you are picking image from an online gallery, don’t forget to print a copy of its stencil to be brought to the studio. The artist can then duplicate the design that you desire.

Unlike in those days, transferring an outline onto the skin is really a painstaking procedure. Today, newer tools are being used such as the thermal paper that can transfer an outline onto your body directly without any difficulty. Once it is done, you are ready to go.

When the artist has put the frame of reference in place on your skin, he or she will start to make the outline using a tattoo gun. You will probably know it by now that the first step is to create a template that provides the structure of your symbol, and it will follow by the coloring and shading steps.

Just relax and hang in there. I know! The line work can be a little bit painful. But, as soon as your body starts to adapt to it, you will be able to cope with the pain. A few more minutes later you will have your dream design permanently marked on your skin.

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