Meaning of Swallow Bird Tattoo Designs

Since the birds can soar high in to the sky, and land on anyplace that they like to go, most people associate them with freedom. The birds have appeared in several folklores and cultures of mankind in all over the place for longer than anyone can remember. The meanings of bird are rich and varied. In some society it is a totem of immortality. To other traditions, it signifies resurrection, victory of good over the evil, and success over an obstacle or hardship. In Christianity, it is a divine symbol that represents the saved souls, and to the Indian mythology, it signifies the departed souls.

If you are contemplating of getting a bird tattoo currently, there are a number of great choices you can consider. Some popular picks in terms of good aesthetic beauty and meanings are the swallow, eagle, swan, sparrow, bluebird, hummingbird, and peacock. You can browse our site for design ideas and their unique symbolism.

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A good option of bird tattoo that has a positive connotation, and somewhat an old-fashioned look, is the swallow tattoo design. While bird stands for liberty, it means that it will have no limit for what you can do, and how you want to live your life. With its wings widely spread, there is no better representation than using a swallow to signify freedom. It is also a popular design by those who are just freed from confinement. With its presence in spring, it marks the arrival of the summer season that brings warmth and protection to your family. The design has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years for the girls and the guys as having a pairs of them are really cool and trendy.

Similar to nautical star, the sailors are thought to be one of those early groups to relish swallow tattoo designs. In the past while navigating equipment was unavailable, the presence of swallow in the sky signaled the sailors that the land was near.  It was a symbol of hope for a safe return journey, and they wore the tattoo on the chests to portray their sailing experience at sea and their status in the group. When more experience was gained through the total distance of traveling, or after completing a successful voyage, or crossing a challenging ocean, more swallow tattoos will be added to the body. To the sailors, the tattoo is a symbol of respect and dignity. It usually appears in a very simple design in black.

While swallow keeps the same companion for its whole life, it illustrates its great loyalty that a person can have to his or her loved one, close friend, or family.  Having two birds sported on the chests will underscore the true love of a relationship, or the unity of two soul mates.

A swallow tattoo can be intertwined with other elements such as a heart, flowers, swords, and a banner with name of the loved one. For women, the designs are often portrayed on the shoulders, collar, hips and lower back. For men, the popular spots to ink are the chest, neck and hands. Today, the artworks are more colorful and trendy than those inscribed by the sailors in the past.

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