Get Inspired by an Ancient Art tattoo

The art and culture of tattooing has been practiced in several traditions around the world for many centuries. Today, tattoo is often used as a body decor, but in the past it served many other purposes. For example, the indigenous people living in the Pacific islands worn tattoos to mark their ancestry, social status and ranking in a tribe. Bikers or members of the secret societies sported tattoo as the affiliation and the sign of faithfulness to a particular group. Sailors at open sea in the old days believed that their nautical star symbols could protect and guide them home safely.

Over the years, tattoo has also been used as a symbol of religion, amulet, protection, emblem of bravery, symbol of punishment due to the committed sin and guilt, promise of love, tribute and remembrance of someone or an important experience of life. There is always a purpose and message behind each body mark.

If you are looking for an ancient art tattoo, there are just too many astonishing choices to consider. The oldest form of tattoo can be traced back as early as 4,000 BC from the body of the mummies.

So, what are the popular ancient artworks that you can consider? Some of the early designs can be anything religious and cultural, from Celtic knots to Egyptian arts and Hieroglyphs, from Maori curves and lines to Japanese Kanji, from Native American arts to African Adinkra symbols. All these artworks are regularly picked by tattoo enthusiasts to intertwine with other elements, trying to form a unique design so to adorn their body and to quote an important statement for them.

Whether it is a large piece of design customized for the full back, or just a roll of ancient Egyptian lettering wrapping over the arm, the creativity of the ancient design can run wild. If you are interested in any ancient tribal symbol, try to avoid picking a design that incorporates the unique attributes of a tribe. You can discuss this with your artist, or do some research on the internet to screen out those features. Make sure you go through many quality designs before you come to a final decision.

Scorpio Tattoo with Lethal Stinger

The Scorpio tattoo is often inked by people who born in between 23rd October to 21st Nov. In fact, zodiacal symbol is one of the best options for tattoo because such a design will not be outdated. Representing by a scorpion with a lethal stinger on its curve-over, segmented tail and with a pair of grasping claws, this arthropod animal signifies an unusual personality of those whose birthdays fall on this period of the year. It is the 8th sign of Zodiac represented by a letter M in lower-case with bent up stinging tail on its right leg.

The Scorpios possess some intense characters, and a few of those unique attributes are listed below. You can consider using zodiacal tattoo to intensify that incredible quality of you.

It is often difficult to get a Scorpio to agree on some action, but when they have decided to carry out the task they are absolutely committed to complete it as they have plenty of stamina and determination. The Scorpios know how to grab the right opportunity at the suitable time. They have enough patience to sit back and wait for the right time to come although they may take risk from time to time. They face various hardships in life, but it is just part of the development and realization of life. They confront, investigate carefully, take action, and simply do not quit when face with problem or disturb by someone. Some of the people of this sign often belong to the hard working group who demand high expectation on themselves and from others. They set clear goals which will make them achieve more success in life.

Some exceptional or perhaps the negative behaviors are being too easy to accommodate to other’s needs. They also tend to have the habit of deferring in taking action.

The Scorpios are good in handling and resolving quarrel between two parties making them coming together again. Because of their remarkable personality, they make more friends than foes with their great convincing and appealing power.

Scorpio tattoo designs are often made in blue and crimson, and in black color too, especially when it is in tribal style. Popular body areas to place one are the upper arms, shoulders, ankles, and upper back. The tattoo also often appears on someone’s chest, back of neck, collar, stomach and lower back. Both the glyph and the scorpion look absolutely remarkable on a person’s body.

Where to Find Catchy Tattoo Designs?

For people who wish to get inked the very first time, there are always plenty of questions in their minds. The single most important question that no one will ever miss it is “where to find tattoo designs?” Yes, I too asked the same question when I wanted to place my first tattoo on the back of my neck. To help you find an ideal design quickly, here are three feasible ways.

1) Firstly, try to locate a reliable studio through the people you know well. Then, speak to the artist in that studio so that he or she can come out with a recommendation that fits your needs and personality. Likewise, you can also flip photo albums in the studio so that you can get inspired by many design ideas. For most people this option will work out well. I did the same thing a couple of years ago when I acquired my first ink.

Nevertheless, after putting up a tattoo on my back, it didn’t take too long for me to realize I have indeed overlooked some great options. Although I do not really feel unhappy about my current tattoo, I will probably make it looked a little bit different if I have done enough research before stopping by the studio.

2) You can create your own design by making use of images that you fancy. If you are familiar with any photo editing software, it is not too difficult to use the software to do some editing such as changing colors and stretching the sizes to suit your specific taste. You can also combine two or more objects, or add some texts to it to make a large and unique artwork. For example, you can start with a flower image and add butterfly, ladybug, and some vine to create your own exclusive tattoo.

3) Finally, tap into the resources offered by the online professional galleries so that you can see plenty of high quality artworks. There are many reputable galleries on the internet today where you can sign up for membership to download designs and their templates. The template can be used by the artist to duplicate the work on your body.  The most important thing in the design selection process is to always see enough images and have plenty of them to choose from.

Some of the most popular design categories are flowers, animals, stars, and fairies. You can make your tattoo in black, or multiple colors. The tribal style is another good consideration too.

Here are some nice looking works to inspire you.




Polynesian Tattoo


Biggest Babys Newest Tattoo



Great Choices of Flower Tattoo Designs for Women

There are at least four hundred thousands of flowering plants in this world according to statistic released by the botanists. If you wish to embellish your body with some pretty flora work of arts, there are almost unlimited choices of flowers, designs, and colors that you can use. The meanings associated with them are all different. You can pick a meaningful design base on the body location that you want to sport. Here are a few popular flower tattoo designs for women that you can think about.

1. Daisies carry a wide range of colors and symbolisms that are mostly positive in nature. In general, a daisy represents beauty, purity, undying love and innocence. While some women like to use the flower for hair decoration, many use it as tattoo nowadays. Daisies have been around for over 4,000 years, and they appeared in few very old Egyptian stoneware. It also carries meaning associated with Mother Mary.

2. Hibiscus can be found anywhere around the world although it is originated from the Pacific Islands and many Asian counties such as China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and India. The flower blooms in different colors in red, orange, yellow, white and pink representing a wide range of meanings. In general, a hibiscus tattoo stands for delicate beauty, a great lover, elegance and royalty.  It is also known as the “Rose of Sharon” by the North American people which signifies the fruitfulness and the beauty of an ideal bride.

3. Growing from the water bed of a murky pond towards sunlight, the lotus plant will blossom when it comes out from the surface of the muddy water. The bud will grow in to a beautiful flower, but it is always uncontaminated by the muck. Although lotus tattoo carries a lot of meanings in many Asian traditions and religions, it does share some similarities among different cultures. It is a symbol of purity, beauty, clarity of the heart and mind, and estranged love. The bloom also represents a continual battle in life with hopes, or signifies a hardship that has been overcome.

4. There are a few types of lilies which are often seen as a tattoo. While the calla lily represents beauty and regal, tiger lily symbolizes prosperity and wealth. White lily is a symbol of purity of heart, modesty and virginity. Generally, a lily tattoo stands for pride, innocence, majesty and wealth.

5. Rose tattoo is one of the most popular flower artworks in the world. Each color of rose has its own significance including its bud. A red rose is a symbol of sincere love, romance, beauty and unity while a white one stands for innocence, happy love and friendship. A red rose bud tattoo denotes youth, beauty and purity, and a black rose represents farewell, an ended love and a complete freedom. Be sure to check out the meaning associated with each rose before deciding on the color.

Flower tattoos are seen almost anywhere on the body. Whether they are in monochrome or multiple colors, they look gorgeous all the time. It is indeed a perfect choice for those who want to acquire their first symbol. Be sure to see as many flower work of arts as you can before stepping foot in to a parlor.

Tribal Sagittarius Tattoo – Ink a Tribal Centaur Symbol

Although the birth sign of Sagittarius commences from 22nd November, it won’t attain full strength until a week later from the commencing date. Its power will gradually slow down for seven days before 21st December when the incoming Capricorn sign starts to set in and gain its strength. If you are born during this period of time, you can pick a Sagittarius image, or its glyph, and consider to include the word “Sagittarius” for your next symbol. A constellation tattoo will never be outdated like some of the trendy designs do. Furthermore, there are unlimited ways to come out with a unique, one-and-the-only-one design.

A Sagittarius tattoo is often represented by a mystical being of half-horse and half-human, the centaur and the hunter (usually represented by a man, but it can also be a woman for tattooing). They are also known as the archer holding a bow with an arrow pointing upward. They shoot out many arrows or aim at many targets at once in hoping to accomplish at least one goal at the end.

Those with this birth sign are quite extroverted and sociable, but it can also be tough to establish a close rapport with them as they are very cautious in building a close relationship. They like to travel, learn new experiences, and explore new things with an open mind. It is a symbol for the intellectuals and thinkers. The Sagittarians will stay focus on the task until the job is done. As a result they are often successful in their work and on the things they do. In general, they exhibit a combined character of dependability, affability and civility. As represented by the archer, they also carry a positive attitude, being adventurous, and motivated with high ambition.

Most of them have great passion in music, and they are born to be an entertainer.  Quite a number of them are good musicians, storytellers, writers, and publishers. The Sagittarians, however, often make fast decision and change mind quickly later on. They also refuse to acknowledge their mistakes even if they regret about their decision afterwards.

If you know your reason well in inking–such as if you want to underscore a unique behavior using your birth sign or you simply love the aesthetic appearance of the design, whether it is an image of the centaur or just a simple glyph, the constellation sign will surely make a great tattoo. The artwork is usually not too large where you can place almost anywhere on the body. The popular spots are the upper arm, shoulder, back, and calf. They are also seen on girl’s stomach. The Sagittarius tattoo is usually black in color, but it can be filled with violet or purple inks. Tribal style, perhaps, is one of those demanding choices.