Popular Tattoo Designs for Men

Depending on which part of the world you are in, nowadays at least 25 to 50 percent of the people have one tattoo on their body. The tattoo is often placed on a visible spot of the body so that it can be shown to everyone. In addition to the meaning it carries, tattoo has become a way for an individual to express his or her style and creativity. We will now take a look at some of the popular tattoo designs for men.

1.    For the guys who appreciate more for the aesthetic values and representations of an old school style of design, the blue and black, bold outlines that filled with solid red and green can please them in unlimited ways. The symbols are often done with no shading too.

Some of the popular old school tattoos are anchor, swallow, cherry, pin-up, mermaid, fish, eagle, dagger, nautical star, etc. These tattoos are somehow connected to the seas because the sailors are the early group who sported these symbols.

2.    Tribal arts are one of the most sought designs for men. The Polynesian works of arts that come from the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, New Zealand, and Samoa are among the most popular traditional patterns featuring the unique lines and curves in black. The modern tribal tattoos have evolved into a more intricate and colorful design that suit the taste of the people of the present day. In fact, tribal arts have become more demanding than ever before.

3.    Dragon is another masculine design. Not only because of its symbolism for being a power symbol that represents strength, forces of the nature, wisdom, longevity and supernatural power, but the dragon is also quite a beautiful creature. Among the different types of dragons you can consider are the ancient Chinese dragon and the mythical fire-breathing dragon. The tattoo looks remarkable to be placed at the chest extending it to the top of the shoulder. It also looks great to be sported on the upper arm.

4.    Celtic arts can be a very good option to consider if you are a descendent of Celtics. Nevertheless, not everyone who wears a Celtic symbol has connection with Celtic heritage. The unique, endless knot works offers a wide range of selections, and a person can just pick a design that has a general representation.

While these are some of the most preferred options for men, there are almost unlimited choices out there. The innovation and creativity of the body art has no boundary indeed. Try to define your needs – both the design and meaning before you start your research. You determine what you want, and you go out to get what you desire!

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