Proven Tattoo Removal Options

I continuously receive messages from my visitors asking for opinion regarding the best options for removing a tattoo. Sometimes for some reason a person may want to completely get rid of his or her design due to a change in the situation in life, or a wrong decision made previously. I’m thinking of writing a few articles on this topic hoping to help those who need this information.

Apart from removing your tattoo, you may want to first consider modifying or converting it to a slightly bigger design. The appearance and meaning of the new design will be completely different from the original one. The artists in any studios will know how to recommend something to you.

If your decision is still on the go to take out your tattoo, there are a few surgical as well as non-surgical solutions for you to think about. However, two of the most common procedures are the laser and some light based treatments. Thanks to the latest technology, the pain level of removing a tattoo has been reduced to a very minimum.

Both methods are quite identical by using pulses of light energy to break down tattoo ink that is embedded in the dermis (middle skin) layer. The doctor will use a hand held wand to expose the light directly on to the tattoo to destroy its pigments. When the ink begins to disintegrate in to tiny particles, our body system will be able to get rid of them without any complication.

These two methods are quite proven but costly. Also, the person who receives treatment will feel a little bit of burning sensation and with some pain. It is like the skin is constantly being flicked by an elastic rubber band.

The discomfort or pain can even be more intense if the area of treatment is relatively big, and when the tattoo is located at some sensitive part of the body, and at area with thin layer of skin. The doctor will decide if there is a need to make the area numbed, or to apply some cooling gel to control the pain and heat. The gel will help to attract light energy and to protect your skin.

Depending on the size of the tattoo to be removed, the procedures can be quite expansive. You can learn more about the other tattoo removal options before you come to a final decision.

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