Popular Tattoos – Meanings & Connotations


Transforming from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly with vibrant wings, the change represents someone who has gone through some tough time and are now pursuing a better life. Butterfly design symbolizes the reborn, peace and joy of a person’s life.

Fairy is a supernatural and mythological being in tiny human form, and fairy design has been one of the most popular female tattoo designs. The symbol depicts cleverness, playful character and the power of magic. Fairy tattoo designs look great to be attached to the shoulders, calves or ankles. You can combine flowers or butterflies with fairies to make a bigger motif and ink at a more exposed body location.

One of the preferred bird symbols is hummingbird. This tiniest bird lives in the rainforests in South America and North America, and therefore the symbol is very familiar among Native Americans. The symbol represents abundance loves, joys and peace. It is perfect to be sported on lower back, lower stomach, ankle, or lower arm. You can create a unique hummingbird tattoo by landing the bird on a flower of your choice.

Many males and females favor flower tattoo designs. Flower artworks are very innovative because the designs can vary a lot when blend with different colors, patterns, and flower species. Some of the most demanding flower tattoo designs are:

a) Lily flower tattoos represent the purity and innocence of a person. In modern days, the flora emblems are for people who desire to get married and search for happiness and prosperity.

b) Tattoos of roses consist of a variety of colors and different meanings. Here are the common choices:

Red rose signifies sincere and romantic love, courage, beauty and respect. A red rosebud design is a symbolic of purity, beauty, youth and loveliness.

Black rose depicts “love is over”, farewell or death. It can also signify absolute freedom and a major change in physical or mental power.

Blue rose represents fantasy and the hope for a miracle and new opportunities.

c) Lotus tattoo stands for estranged love, best wishes, clarity of heart and mind and the positive energy. For a person who struggled through hardship and has become successful, lotus is a symbol with lots of meaningful stories.

d) Daisy tattoo has strong religion meanings. It represents loyal love, peace, innocence and purity of mind, heart and soul. Daisy tattoos will also bring you good lucks.

e) Hibiscus tattoos are symbols of delicate beauty, royalty and elegance. The most popular hibiscus artworks consist of green petals and red flower.

f) Orchid tattoo signifies rare beauty, attraction, refinement, love and family.

g) Peony flower tattoo is a representation of happy life, prosperity, good fortune and good health. It is especially famous in Chinese and Japanese cultures.

h) Sunflower tattoos signify adoration, pride and devotion.

You can get various inking ideas and see remarkable work of arts in a pro gallery.

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