Taurus Symbol Tattoo Designs Symbolize Solidity

Human beings have spent thousands of years exploring the sky at night, trying to find answers on how some of the planets are influencing our future and daily lives. If you read horoscopes, or believe in the meanings of the Zodiac signs, the Taurus tattoo designs are perfect for those who born in between 21st April to 21st May. It is the second sign of the twelve astrological symbols, and it is represented by the Bull. The glyph looks like a round bull head with a pair of curlicue horns hanging at the top.

Taurus is a fixed Earth element, and for those who belong to this sign will clutch on to the earth constructing a solid and stable life. With the strong foundation, the taureans are quite sharp, intelligent, reliable, patient and nurturing, and they like to help other people. They also possess an uncanny and stubborn attitude trying to avoid making changes or disturb the harmony. No one seems to be able to manipulate or drive them. In general, they are strong, but quiet people who are very clear and firm about their life’s objectives moving forward.

Other attributes associated with the Zodiac sign are:

  • Flower: Daisies and daffodils
  • Color: Blue and blue-green
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Gemstone: Emerald
  • Body parts: Thyroid gland, throat , and neck
  • Metal: Copper

All these characteristics can be incorporated in to your design when you work on customizing it. Taurus symbol tattoo is often found in the form of a bull image, the glyph, and also with the text “Taurus.” The size of the tattoo can vary from small to a very large design which is often seen on the upper back or full back, shoulder, back of neck, upper arm, stomach, ankle, and leg.

From design selection to actual inking, the whole tattooing process is enjoyable and fun. Just remember to see enough quality artworks before making up your mind on which tattoo to choose.

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