Angel Tattoos in Tribal Design Style

The demand for angel design is immense in the recent years as a religious symbol and a form of protection for the bearer. Angels are the messengers and guardians of god, and they struggle between life and death as well as good and evil.

Angels are found in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and wearing angel artworks signify the faith and devotion to God. A person who passed on is believed to have transformed to an angel. Thus, the symbol may be worn to remember the loss of a loved one.

The design appears in many forms and shapes, from a small and simple pair of wings and folded hands, to a large and intricate design.  Tribal angel tattoos are among the famous styles. The popular placements for large designs will be the full back, and smaller artworks will fit your upper back, upper arm, shoulder, and back of neck perfectly.

To see creative artworks in different design style, visit an online gallery.

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