Tribal Reptile Tattoos & Meanings – Lizard, Snake, Turtle

A few popular types of reptiles are often landed on the body of the males and females as tattoos, whether to adorn the body or to speak an important statement. Some of the popular designs are the turtle, snake, lizard, etc. Over the years, artists around the world have come out with myriads of remarkable works of arts in a variety of patterns and styles. The designs can be colorful and complex, or simple in just a monochromatic form in tribal style. Given below are some of the popular tribal reptile tattoos and their meanings.

1. Lizard
Lizards, particularly the gecko species, are often found on someone’s shoulder, back of neck, leg, and bellybutton. Sometimes, the tattoo may appear in cartoon style with a combination of green, blue and yellow colors. Nevertheless, black tribal designs are often the most preferred choice which consists of black lines curving into few branches.

A lot of meanings have been assigned to lizard in various ethnic groups. The little reptile has been a symbol of luck and wisdom to the Egyptians and Greeks. During early Christianity, it is identified as a devil, but the Polynesian reveres it as god. The Native American associates the reptile as dreams, but it is a representation of the cycle of death and rebirth to the Roman.

2. Snake
The long creature is often thought to be serpentine, but some people are viewing it more positively. A snake tattoo can simply wrap around someone’s hand or leg, or appear in an attacking pose on the upper arm, shoulder, chest, lower back and upper back. It can easily be combined with other design agents such as a dagger, skull, dragon and cross.

The symbol is very rich in meanings.  In most cultures, snake is a totem of wisdom. To the Chinese, people who are born in the year of snake (base on the Chinese zodiac calendar), will enjoy the abundance of wealth. They are calm, sympathetic, gentle and knowledgeable. You can consider a snake symbol to represent your zodiac animal. However, there are also few other representations carried by the reptile. It is a moon goddess in Greek tradition, but the servant of Satan in Christianity.

3. Turtle
Turtle tattoo with tribal and cartoon styles are two of the most popular designs to the younger generation. Because of its mostly positive symbolism, the little amphibian is welcomed in most cultures. Also, for its distinctive slow and steady characteristics, it signifies calmness, reliability, endurance, wisdom, bravery, reliability and longevity. It also brings good fortune and protection to the bearers

Some good body locations to ink a turtle is on the leg, shoulder, stomach, back of neck, upper back, and chest. You can make the design of the solid shell to be very innovative and colorful.

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