Tribal Sagittarius Tattoo – Ink a Tribal Centaur Symbol

Although the birth sign of Sagittarius commences from 22nd November, it won’t attain full strength until a week later from the commencing date. Its power will gradually slow down for seven days before 21st December when the incoming Capricorn sign starts to set in and gain its strength. If you are born during this period of time, you can pick a Sagittarius image, or its glyph, and consider to include the word “Sagittarius” for your next symbol. A constellation tattoo will never be outdated like some of the trendy designs do. Furthermore, there are unlimited ways to come out with a unique, one-and-the-only-one design.

A Sagittarius tattoo is often represented by a mystical being of half-horse and half-human, the centaur and the hunter (usually represented by a man, but it can also be a woman for tattooing). They are also known as the archer holding a bow with an arrow pointing upward. They shoot out many arrows or aim at many targets at once in hoping to accomplish at least one goal at the end.

Those with this birth sign are quite extroverted and sociable, but it can also be tough to establish a close rapport with them as they are very cautious in building a close relationship. They like to travel, learn new experiences, and explore new things with an open mind. It is a symbol for the intellectuals and thinkers. The Sagittarians will stay focus on the task until the job is done. As a result they are often successful in their work and on the things they do. In general, they exhibit a combined character of dependability, affability and civility. As represented by the archer, they also carry a positive attitude, being adventurous, and motivated with high ambition.

Most of them have great passion in music, and they are born to be an entertainer.  Quite a number of them are good musicians, storytellers, writers, and publishers. The Sagittarians, however, often make fast decision and change mind quickly later on. They also refuse to acknowledge their mistakes even if they regret about their decision afterwards.

If you know your reason well in inking–such as if you want to underscore a unique behavior using your birth sign or you simply love the aesthetic appearance of the design, whether it is an image of the centaur or just a simple glyph, the constellation sign will surely make a great tattoo. The artwork is usually not too large where you can place almost anywhere on the body. The popular spots are the upper arm, shoulder, back, and calf. They are also seen on girl’s stomach. The Sagittarius tattoo is usually black in color, but it can be filled with violet or purple inks. Tribal style, perhaps, is one of those demanding choices.

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