Turtle Tattoos in Tribal or Cartoon Styles

Turtle tattoos have been very popular especially among the young people. The little creature is shielded by a hard shell from any danger, and it is an amphibian that lives in both the water and land. It moves extremely slowly but steady, and it has a long lifespan. Some species can easily survive for over a hundred years. With all the special attributes, a great deal of symbolism has been derived base on its unique characteristics.

Images comprised of turtles can be seen in many cultures. It is an epitome of wisdom, longevity, endurance, courage, protection and perseverance. In most traditions, it is a symbol of reliability and calmness. To the coastal inhabitants, this marine creature is an emblem of freedom, good fortune and endurance.

Now, let us look at its symbolic meanings over different cultures:

1. The Greek associates the animal with women and their gentleness.   The symbol is also a representation of deity, recovery, inner knowledge, and protection.

2. In Chinese tradition, it is an charming creature which signifies fertility, longevity, endurance and strength.  The symbol is also used in the large flags or banners during wars to signify protection.

3. The sea turtle has special significance to the Japanese culture particularly for those who lived in the coastline. It represents Kumpira who is the goddess of sailors.

4. The Native American sees the creature as a sacred figure that depicts tranquility while the Polynesian use the symbol to represent their social status, individual victory and genealogy.

5. According to the African mythology, the image of turtle stands for masculinity, fecundity and protection.

Some famous design styles are the tribal and cartoon artworks, but you can spice up and personalize your tattoo by adding another design element on top of the solid shell. Here are some ideas on how you can design your artwork. Likewise you should consider joining a professional gallery to find your amazing work of art.

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