Seductive Charm with Vine Tattoos

Vine tattoo is suitable for women who want a seductive and stylish look. The design is flexible which can fit neatly in most parts of a woman’s body helping to bring out the beautiful body curves. Ivy is among the most popular designs besides holly, and grapevine, and it was revered in many old traditions and religious beliefs.

According to the Bible, Jesus labeled himself as a vine while his disciples were the branches. In the early times, wearing the trailing plant was considered pagan, but today, it represents peace, harmony and bounty in Christian culture. To the Celts, the vines symbolize strong will and strength. To the Romans, the climbing plant is associated with the god of wine and intoxication, the god Bacchus, who is wearing a crown made out of grapevine.

The design is usually long & spiral. It is ideal to be placed on the side of waist, leg, arm, or full back by extending the artwork from the back to the side of the body. It can also be inked from the thigh to the ankle as well, or from the shoulder stretching to the chest.

As the motif is huge, you can have plenty of options to play with. You can blend the trailing plant with other design agents such as stars, hearts, flowers, butterflies, etc. The leaves can be replaced by any of these elements to form a unique design. Some people are also putting wordings next to the canvas.

The artwork can be monochromatic, but it will look equally beautiful and amazing as compare to a colorful one. For the men who want to acquire this type of tattoo, you can substitute the vine with barbed wire to make it looks bold. The creativity of the work of art is unlimited. You can get myriads of remarkable design ideas from a pro online gallery.

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