Virgo Symbol Tattoo – Astrological Designs

For people who were born in between Aug-23 to Sept-22, they own a mutable Earth sign, the Virgo.  It is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac wheel and is represented by a young virtuous maiden. Ruling by messenger Mercury, this Earth element determines the distinctive traits of the Virgo people, and wearing a Virgo symbol tattoo underscores his or her unique personality of detail oriented, always chasing for perfection, and being a person with high level of intelligence, patience, diligence, humor and independence.

People of this Zodiac sign are often motivated with the more realistic goals. They possess natural capability to handle various details and facts at the same time and still be able to manage them well. They are flexible to make changes when needed, and ‘mutability’ is their primary strength. They can be very neat and well organized, or slack and chaotic. But no matter how messy they appear to be, they will still exhibit the obsession of neatness in some way.

Another meaning that the tattoo signifies is the high expectation of the bearers. Virgo people will do whatever they can to change the others to get the best out of them.

Despite having a busy routine, they will always allocate time and space for themselves. Inking Virgo tattoo designs symbolizes all these unique characteristics of the Earth element. The glyph with a maiden holding a sheaf of wheat represents profound knowledge and experience.

While there are plenty of stories talking about the origin of the glyph, one story attributes the maiden as the daughter of Zeus who is the goddess of justice. Therefore, the image of the maiden is often a good design element of Virgo tattoos. There are plenty of design variations. It can be with the maiden displaying an innocent, naughty, shy, smiling, or dreamy look on her face—a design that is most suitable for the girls. If you’re looking for a more masculine artwork, consider wearing the glyph (with letter “M” crossing legs) which can be made very pretty and creative.

Since the symbol is not too large, it looks good to place on the waist, stomach, back of neck, leg, lower back, upper arm and shoulder. The colors associated with the Zodiac sign are green, white, silver, saffron yellow, and azure blue, and the Virgo flower is lilies. You can consider incorporating any of these elements in your tattoo. Other characteristics you can consider are as follows:

  • Gem: sapphire representing virtue, faithfulness, nobility and justice
  • Body parts: waist and stomach
  • Metal: quicksilver
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Lucky number: 5

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